Mercedes-Benz Teams Up with Google and TikTok to Create Ultimate Digital Experience

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Merecedes-Benz have announced two new partnerships with Google and TikTok to create the next-generation digital luxury car experience.

The firm’s new partnership with Google will make Mercedes-Benz the first car manufacturer to build its own branded navigation using new in-car geospatial data and navigation capabilities from Google Maps Platform.

Mercedes-Benz & Google

Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will give customers access to Google Cloud’s leading artificial intelligence (AI), YouTube, Maps and local Google searches, including access to Place Details, provided by Google, which will help customers find detailed information about more than 200 million businesses and places across the world.

By embedding these features into the new Mercedes-Benz Operating System (MB.OS), customers will be able to enjoy an exceptional navigation experience alongside the outstanding graphics on the car’s new high-resolution screen.

Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer, Google and Alphabet, said: “In addition to enabling Mercedes-Benz to design a customized navigation interface, we’ll provide our AI and data capabilities to accelerate their sustainability efforts, advance autonomous driving, and create an enhanced customer experience.”

Mercedes-Benz & TikTok

Mercedes-Benz is also teaming up with the highly popular video-sharing app, TikTok. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class will now have TikTok integrated into its new MBUX Superscreen. The Superscreen comprises two screens that run independently, so both the driver and passenger can enjoy TikTok’s top content from the comfort of their car, while it is stationary or parked.

“With our mobile app, we bring people little moments of joy throughout their day,” said David Saidden, Director of Distribution Business Development, TikTok. “As we aim to expand that experience for our users, we’re excited to partner with Mercedes-Benz to introduce immersive in-car entertainment, which will give our community more opportunities to enjoy the content they love.”

Why does this matter?

With Uber also recently announcing a partnership with Google, it is clear the tech giant is keen to push its search and map services, while the steep rise in popularity for AI chatbot ChatGPT continues to pose a threat.

Mercedes-Benz’s partnership with TikTok also comes at a time when state and federal lawmakers in America are trying to crack down on the app’s use, arguing it poses national security threats, through foreign access to users’ data and the ability to spread propaganda. It remains unclear if the deal will put more political pressure on Mercedes-Benz and other companies who form partnerships with the video app company.

On a more positive note, the firm’s move into cars may also be part of TikTok’s desire to reach the older generations, with its over-65 audience predicted to grow significantly in 2023.