Google rebrands Bard as Gemini in AI relaunch


Google has announced the transformation of Bard into Gemini, along with the introduction of a new mobile app and Gemini Advanced featuring Ultra 1.0.

Since the inception of Bard, users worldwide have engaged with AI in the usual ways, such as job interview preparation, code debugging, and image creation. Now, with Gemini’s unveiling, the focus is on providing enhanced access to AI models.

Gemini Advanced, powered by Ultra 1.0, offers an upgraded AI experience.

This advanced model is aimed at complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, and creative collaboration. Users can engage in longer, more detailed conversations, benefiting from enhanced context comprehension. Gemini Advanced serves various purposes, from personalised tutoring to aiding digital creators in content generation and trend analysis. Google has promised continuous improvement, with plans to incorporate expanded features like multimodal capabilities and interactive coding functions.

images courtesy of Google

To access Gemini Advanced, users can subscribe to the Google One AI Premium Plan, which includes a two-month trial. This plan provides access to the latest AI advancements, alongside storage benefits. Safety measures are prioritised, with extensive checks and refinement processes to address concerns like unsafe content and bias.

Additionally, a new mobile app facilitates easy access to Gemini on Android and iOS devices. Users can interact with Gemini through typing, voice commands, or image input, enabling assistance on various tasks while on the go. Android users can access Gemini via a dedicated app or Google Assistant, while iOS users will soon have access through the Google app.

Why is this important?

Gemini’s iOS and Andriod rollout begins in the United States, in English, with plans for expansion to other languages and regions in the coming weeks. The app offers a conversational, multimodal experience, aiming to become a comprehensive AI assistant. Features include generating captions for images, assistance with social posts, and planning activities.

These developments aim to provide users with enhanced AI capabilities for diverse tasks, supported by safety measures and a focus on continuous improvement.

Google’s announcement suggests that improvements will make Gemini a real challenger to ChatGPT, which will be much needed, given the slightly underwhelming response to its launch of Bard last year.