12 new eCommerce metrics are now available in Google Analytics 4

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On 10 January 2023, Google announced that it was introducing new eCommerce dimensions and metrics in Google Analytics 4.

As a result, Google Analytics now provides users with an item-scoped and event-scoped version of each eCommerce metric. Due to this, you can now analyse information about your products or services and separately analyse important eCommerce interactions.

Which metrics are available and what do they show?

If you’re an advertiser or someone who owns an eCommerce store, Google Analytics will now allow you to easily analyse the number of items purchased by item name. This will then show you the exact number of times that each item in your collection was purchased. You can also see the number of items that were clicked on and the number that were viewed or added to a cart. Using this information, you can identify top performers (and underperformers) in only a couple of clicks.

However, as well as looking at overall sales numbers by item, you can also see the number of purchases by country, as well as other data points.

Thanks to the new Google release, you can now find the following 12 eCommerce dimensions and metrics in Explorations and the Data API:

  1. Item affiliation
  2. Item variant
  3. Items added to cart
  4. Items checked out
  5. Items clicked in list
  6. Items clicked in promotion
  7. Items viewed
  8. Items viewed in list
  9. Items viewed in promotion
  10. Shipping amount
  11. Shipping tier
  12. Tax amount

Similarly, Google Analytics has also renamed the following metrics:

  • Add to carts (previously called Add-to-carts)
  • Item-list click events (previously called Item list clicks)
  • Item-list view events (previously called Item list views)
  • Item view events (previously called Item views)
  • Items purchased (previously called Item purchase quantity)
  • Promotion clicks (previously called Item promotion clicks)
  • Promotion views (previously called Item promotion views)

On top of all this, if you want to collect information that Analytics doesn’t capture with these dimensions and metrics, you can create your own custom dimensions and metrics.

The new Google Analytics 4 eCommerce dimensions and metrics – the view from Spike

Thanks to this launch, eCommerce advertisers and retailers alike are now able to view and analyse specific pieces of information regarding their products, services and interactions. This allows users to make more informed and data-driven decisions.

Plus, not only do these new features provide advertisers and retailers with more information, but they also ease convenience. After all, in only a couple of clicks, you can now see key data points such as items purchased and purchases by country.

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