TikTok announces new collaboration with BBC


TikTok has joined forces with the BBC for the inaugural year of the Creator Lab initiative, which aims to empower and nurture young digital creative talent throughout the UK.

This collaborative endeavor reflects TikTok’s observation of a burgeoning generation of creative individuals spanning various fields, such as filmmaking, comedy, music, and small-scale entrepreneurship, and the platform’s dedication to providing avenues for these talents to transform their creative passions into viable careers.

The Creator Lab program centers on facilitating the involvement of 100 social media and digital creators who aspire to pursue careers in television. These participants will engage in a specialised development curriculum facilitated by both the BBC and TikTok.

The program’s components consist of in-person sessions conducted by the BBC, wherein young creatives will receive tools to amplify their social media presence and propel their advancement in the media domain. Additionally, TikTok experts will impart valuable advice and insights on the innovative utilisation of their platform.

This venture holds particular significance for TikTok as one of its most substantial talent-oriented initiatives within the UK. The collaboration with the BBC aims to furnish young talents rooted in social media platforms with the chance to refine their skills and venture into careers aligned with a revered media powerhouse.

The Creator Lab initiative encompasses a two-day developmental scheme that spans England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The participating creators will be granted the opportunity to showcase their abilities by addressing a BBC-assigned project. They will also engage with on-screen personalities and Commissioning Editors across diverse genres, including Daytime, Children’s programming, Sports, Unscripted content, and Arts. The curriculum aims to impart best practices for both social media and television, with ample room for collaboration among fellow social creators.

Prospective participants can apply for the program through the official BBC website starting in October 2023.

The eligibility criteria include having a social media presence on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Snapchat. Applicants must be UK residents over 18 years old, boasting a follower count exceeding 50,000 or at least two videos with over 350,000 views. Notably, applicants are expected to wield a positive and innovative influence across social platforms while demonstrating on-screen experience.

Fiona Campbell, the Controller of Youth Audience at BBC iPlayer & BBC Three, commented: “The BBC is committed to developing new talent and voices across the whole of the UK and the Creator Lab Scheme promises to offer a unique opportunity for Content Creators to enhance their skillset whilst potentially having the opportunity to showcase their creativity to audiences across the BBC and iPlayer.”

James Stafford, the General Manager of Operations & Marketing at TikTok UK & Nordics added: “We are thrilled to partner with the BBC on the Creator Lab initiative. Over the past 5 years on TikTok, we have seen a whole new generation of creatives thrive, from comedians and performers to editors and film-makers.”

Why does this matter?

This new announcement by TikTok demonstrates how far it has become part of the mainstream media landscape and in such a short period of time. Its reach and influence amongst younger digital creatives means that traditional media outlets, such as the BBC, are now engaging with the platform to reach and nurture new talent. The traditional lines between social media and broadcasting continue to merge and a new media landscape is emerging and advertising will have to pivot along with it.

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