Google and Epidemic Sound: What does the partnership mean for AI and marketing?


Google has announced the launch of an audio-based search tool that runs on Google Cloud. The tool is being launched in collaboration with Epidemic Sound, the market-leading platform for restriction-free music.

What is Epidemic Audio Reference and what does it aim to achieve?

Epidemic Audio Reference (EAR) is an audio-based search tool. It aims to help content creators quickly and easily find music for their productions.

Epidemic Sound currently offers 35,000 tracks and 90,000 sound effects. The company says that these are used by millions of storytellers worldwide, including YouTubers, small businesses and the world’s largest brands.

Using the EAR, creators can manually select specific sections of Epidemic Sound tracks to use as search criteria. Developed using Google Cloud technology (including BigQuery, TensorFlow and Vertex AI), the tool uses machine learning to analyse the characteristics and notes of a chosen bar of music. It then suggests music of a similar tone and sound. As a result, a more natural search experience is provided.

How is Google helping Epidemic Sound?

EAR is the latest product to emerge after a strategic partnership was formed between Epidemic Sound and Google Cloud in 2019. The basis of the strategic partnership is formed around Google’s existing technology; chiefly its Machine Learning (ML) and AI offerings.

Google is helping Epidemic Sound deliver more personalised and frictionless user experiences. This is because BigQuery and Looker allow Epidemic Sound to connect multiple sources of external and internal data and apply ML analytics in order to better understand user behaviour.

On top of this, Google is also helping Epidemic Sound drive an ROI-efficient approach to marketing. This is because, by connecting Google Marketing Platform and Google Ads with Google Analytics in the cloud, Epidemic Sound can capture real-time user actions and accurately predict customer lifetime value.

Google’s commitment to AI – The view from Spike

Around the world, a number of multi-national brands and large corporations are talking about the value AI can provide. However, few are actively backing up these words with actions.

In this respect, Google is an outlier. Not only is the tech giant talking about the vital role AI will play in the future of marketing, but the company has already begun to invest huge sums in the deployment of the practical applications of AI.

Google’s strategic partnership with Epidemic Sound has created a product that shows how important AI can be when it comes to improving digital marketing services and performance. It will be interesting to see what else the strategic partnership can bring, and whether other companies will follow suit.