ChatGPT is more searched for than TikTok


The adoption rate of ChatGPT is astonishingly fast. From non-developers to experienced programmers, ChatGPT has more buzz around it than any other component of the digital world.

I took a look at where we are at in terms of worldwide brand search via Google, after listening to an AI podcast that highlighted that ChatGPT is more searched for than TikTok. This completely stopped me in my tracks!

ChatGPT vs. TikTok search volume

In the past 3 months, the average worldwide Google search volume for query ‘chat gpt’ is 75.5m – vs. 63.8m for the query ‘tik tok’. As the graph highlights back to its public inception in November 2022, this rate of growth is illustrative of everything that we read about artificial intelligence.

chatgpt tiktok brand search

TikTok Brand Search

Worldwide brand search in Google for TikTok really grew strongly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the query ‘tik tok’ took 3 years to reach its all-time high of 82.1m Google searches in the month of March 2022.

ChatGPT vs. Google search volume

Google is a household digital brand that has been the main gateway to the internet for so long. During Q1 2023, Google averaged 444m monthly searches per month via its own engine, whereas ChatGPT averaged 84m monthly searches per month. It is very clear to see that ChatGPT is going to continue to grow. It will be interesting to use Google’s search volume dataset in the second half of 2023 to see how these 2 powerhouses measure up as we see a paradigm shift in the digitisation of the world.


ChatGPT, TikTok and Google are highly powerful digital brands – providing millions of people with valuable search and discovery functionality. It is fair to say that the advent of GPT-4 is pivotal and that we should continue to see explosive increases in ChatGPT brand search volumes in coming months. I for one welcome the concept of Google not resting on its laurels and that Microsoft’s affiliation with Open AI will continue to develop ‘content search’ alongside ‘conversational search’. It feels like Google hasn’t felt the full ramifications of  OpenAI’s incredible LLM.

Watch this space for follow up articles on the power brands in digital.


Duncan Colman

Director & Founder of Spike. I have over 10 years client side marketing experience, which gave me the inspiration to set our agency up to be a driving force in class leading, strategic marketing. I have a real passion for organic search, a constantly changing discipline within digital that when harnessed creates huge commercial gains.