YouTube improves functionality for content creators with key upgrades

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YouTube is adding more metrics for creators in its main app. These changes will bring it to parity with the YouTube Studio app.

Added to this, YouTube is also upgrading Live Control Room so that creators have the ability to moderate chats during livestreams.

YouTube adds key metrics for posts in the main app

Increased functionality in YouTube’s main app will increase usability. Until now, creators on the platform have only been able to access information on Shorts videos, regular videos and livestreams from Studio Mobile.

However, now users have the ability to analyse key metrics in iOS and Android’s main apps, which brings these apps to parity with the Studio Mobile app.

Live chat moderation now added to YouTube Studio and Live Control Room

When it comes to live streaming on the platform, YouTube content creators have multiple options. Creators can choose to go live from the main YouTube app, Live Control Room or YouTube Studio. However, until now, these different options have not all provided users with the same features.

This is because, until recently, content creators only had the ability to moderate live chats on the YouTube mobile app. This meant that creators could not edit or manage mobile livestreams in Live Control Room or YouTube Studio if they initiated the stream from the main YouTube app.

Thankfully, after years of pressure, YouTube has finally listened to creators and has added the ability to schedule, manage and edit livestreams in Live Control Room and YouTube Studio. As part of this, creators will be able to moderate live chats and utilise live chat features like polls and pinned products.

YouTube’s increased functionality and the importance of content creators – The view from Spike

Although these changes may seem basic at face value, they show the growing importance of user functionality. Today more than ever, content creators hold an immense amount of sway on major platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

How these platforms respond to the needs of content creators could determine how the most influential creators choose to engage online. As the recent furore surrounding Meta and Instagram’s alleged ‘copying’ of TikTok shows, these platforms cannot take the relationship they have with creators for granted