Microsoft Bing adds 3 new shopping annotations

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Microsoft Bing has recently added three annotations to its shopping search results pages. These annotations show price history, available coupons and ethical choice ratings. The company believes that the changes will help save customers both time and money.

Now, on its search results page (when third-party cookies are enabled), Bing presents customers with a graph displaying product prices. This quickly and easily shows the customer whether the price of the product has recently increased, decreased or remained stable. It even highlights recent high, median and low prices so the customer can see key information at a glance.

On top of this, Bing also now directly displays available coupons on its search results page. This means that shoppers do not need to perform a separate search for a code. Instead, all available coupons are displayed directly below the listing and customers can select their preferred option and go directly to the site in a single click. From here, the coupon is automatically applied to the customer’s purchase.

Finally, Microsoft Bing is also adding an ethical choice annotation to search results. This annotation informs customers whether the brand in question sells eco-friendly, upcycled or fair trade fashion. This move follows Bing’s expansion of its Ethical Shopping Hub, which assigns a rating (powered by Good on You) based on a brand’s impact on people, the planet and animals.

Bing’s new shopping annotations – the view from Spike

Bing’s new features will undoubtedly help remove friction from the shopping process. It will also save customers time and money. By increasing customer choice, improving transparency and eliminating process steps, Bing is making it easier than ever for customers to make purchases.

But remember, what’s good for searchers (and customers) can also be good for websites. By improving the customer journey, Bing’s new features will also likely lead to additional sales for brands and businesses.