GA4 offers Conversion Credit Eligibility Option in Google Ads

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Google’s latest update to its analytics platform, GA4, offers marketers an unprecedented opportunity to gain valuable insights into conversion performance. With the ability to choose eligible channels for conversion credit, advertisers can now measure the impact of their campaigns with greater precision and make data-driven decisions.

For the first time, marketers leveraging GA4 will have the power to select which channels should receive conversion credit for web conversions shared with Google Ads. This feature applies to two key channel categories: Google paid channels and paid and organic channels.

The implications of this update are far-reaching, enabling advertisers to identify the specific channels that contribute to conversions. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of conversion attribution, marketers can optimise their campaigns and strategies to increase conversions and revenue with greater confidence and certainty.

To access this valuable information, advertisers can review the eligible channels for conversion credit within Google Ads. The Conversions summary, Conversions detail, and Campaigns tabs provide a comprehensive overview of channel performance. Alternatively, Google Analytics users can find this data on the Attribution settings page.

In terms of eligible channels, Google paid channels, which exclusively include Google Ads paid channels, can receive conversion credit. Additionally, paid and organic channels are also eligible, but only conversion credit assigned to Google Ads channels will be visible within Google Ads accounts.

It’s important to note that the default setting for conversion credit is Google paid channels. However, marketers have the flexibility to choose PPC and organic channels instead, tailoring their attribution models to align with their specific marketing objectives and strategies.

To modify these settings, advertisers can navigate to the Admin section of Google Analytics and access the Attribution settings page. Here, they can easily adjust their preferences, with changes taking effect on future conversions.

In a statement, Google emphasised the significance of this update, stating, “You can now select which channels are eligible for conversion credit for web conversions shared with Google Ads: Google paid channels (formerly, Ads-preferred) or Paid and organic channels (formerly, Cross-channel).”

Why does this matter?

With the introduction of conversion credit eligibility choices in GA4, advertisers can now harness the power of data to enhance their campaign measurement, optimisation, and ultimately, drive better results.