TikTok launches new campaign to focus on Search

Organic Search

TikTok announces the start of a new advertising campaign called “It Starts on TikTok,” which highlights the platform as a source of information in what is a shift towards Search, in what is seen as a direct challenge to Google.

The new campaign emphasises the diverse journeys that begin with a simple search on TikTok, ranging from finding new recipes and fitness tips to engaging in do-it-yourself projects.

The new promotion will be featured on major billboards in the UK, as well as on radio, podcasts, social media, and within the TikTok app. The campaign showcases homegrown talent, including creators like @hardestgeezer, who is running the length of Africa for charity, and @madewithmudpottery, a potter achieving viral success with her unique Digni-TEA mugs designed to support those with accessibility needs.

Why is this important?

The campaign is aimed at highlighting the platform’s growing influence and share of the Search engine market and is keen to inspire users to explore new interests and possibilities on TikTok.

Harry Wilson, Head of Marketing at TikTok UK, Ireland & Nordics stated, “TikTok is a place to be inspired and discover new things. Every day, our community prove that a dose of inspiration can go a long way. It Starts on TikTok is about celebrating the extraordinary moments that spark when communities come together. We hope this campaign inspires people to discover a new hobby, search for that recipe or even turn their passion into a career. It Starts on TikTok.”

Author spike.digital