Google release new Chrome mobile Search features

Organic Search

Google Chrome have unveiled four new mobile features designed to improve Search, information retrieval and enhance the browsing experience on the go.

Personalised Search Suggestions: When users browse an eligible site on Chrome for iOS or Android and click on the address bar, relevant search suggestions now appear. For instance, while reading an article about Japan in preparation for an upcoming trip, the “Related to this page” section provides suggestions like local restaurants and tourist attractions in Japan.

Trending Searches at Your Fingertips: In Chrome for Android, users can now view trending Google searches directly in the address bar when opening a new tab. This feature allows quick access to trending topics and related search results, while iOS users can look forward to its launch later this year.

Enhanced Touch to Search: Touch to Search, introduced a few years ago for Android, enables users to swiftly search a word or phrase directly from a webpage. Now, users can also find related searches with this feature. When encountering a topic of interest while reading an article, a carousel of related searches appears, enabling users to explore additional information effortlessly.

A blog on sustainability lists the names of several cities in Chrome on Android. “Lisbon” is highlighted and held down. A box appears at the bottom of the screen with more information on Lisbon, including related searches “lisbon hotels” and “food tour lisbon.”

image courtesy of Google

Expanded Search Suggestions: Typing in the Chrome address bar on mobile devices now displays ten search suggestions, up from the previous six. The most relevant options appear first, and users can access more choices by scrolling. This feature is now available to both Android and iOS users.

Why does this matter?

These new Chrome mobile features aim to improve and streamline information access, providing mobile users with timely and tailored search suggestions, trending topics, and related search options. Whether you are planning a trip or just wanting to stay updated on current events, Chrome’s latest update to mobile is aiming to innovate for a more user-friendly and efficient browsing experience.